VENUE : El Moli de Sal, La Savina Formentera

PLANNING : Balearic Wedding

FLOWER DESIGN : Atelier de Kentia


An emotion and all that. Laura and Maurizio are a wonderful couple, clients who became friends over a winter spent organising dates and aperitifs to chat about their wedding. They chose Formentera because they fell in love with the island to the point of tattooing the coordinates of the place on their bodies. In short, their dream come true.

We arrived on the island two days before the wedding at one of the hotels in Es Pujols, a typical area of the island for a perfect holiday. Between sangria and tapas, we found time to do the necessary sightseeing. We discovered many places on the island that we would not have seen under other circumstances. One of the most exciting moments was the flight of seagulls over the salt flats filmed by drone. The flock kept flying over our heads as if they were kindly lending themselves to our filming. On the day of the wedding, we were well aware of the movements we had to make and 'logistically speaking' everything went well. We also took our time with the bride and groom for the couple's shoot after the ceremony, in the meantime the guests were waiting in a restaurant by the sea at la Playa Des Illetes. At the restaurant we can say we experienced the most spontaneous emotions, without the tension of the ceremony. When it feels like not working it means that things are working and the feeling during the evening was just that. The next day we asked the bride and groom for a little more of their time and went to see the sun set at Far De Cap De Barbaria. One of the most impressive sights this beautiful island has to offer. The ice cream at Es Moli de Sal deserves a special mezione! Served in a mega metal jar with chocolate cream on the side. What can I say? We strongly advise against the Alioli during the pre-wedding dinner! Then it's up to you!